Personal Training

Optimize YOUR potential!!!!

Build Muscle
Discover the most effective ways for YOU to put on lean body mass.
Shed Fat and Keep it OFF!
Forget all these ‘miracle’ gimmicks, do it the right way with proper diet and exercise.
Sports Performance
Explore the many avenues of strength, and how it relates to your sport or activity. Condition to be the best you can be!
Improve quality of life-increase energy levels
By having a personalized program that will work at your pace.

On-Line Training

One time Diet Plan - $100

One time Workout Program - $100

Ongoing Coaching - $250 to start, then $100/month thereafter

Pre-Contest On-line Program – Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness & Bikini- $500.00

- Program set up for both workout & nutrition plans right through show
- 16 weeks
- Unlimited emails


"You can achieve anything your mind can concieve! If you can see see, you can become it!"

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